Could you be heir to a fortune? Seven unclaimed Banbury estates up for grabs

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Records published by the Treasury have revealed that there are seven unclaimed estates with links to Banbury that could be worth a tidy sum of money.

When someone dies with no will or no known family, their property will be passed on to the Crown as ownerless property.

Known as ‘Bona Vacantia’, it could take the form of property, including buildings, money or personal possessions, ranging from very little value to potentially millions.

People can be entitled to a share of the deceased person’s property, or estate, if they can prove they are related.

The Treasury figures provide the date and place of birth and the date and place of death, it does not publish the size of the estate left in limbo.

Those people who died in Banbury with no known will or relatives are;

Joan Cooper, who died on 18/09/2009. Born in Bolton, Greater Manchester on 25/01/1941.

George Harper who died on 28/11/2004. Born in Oxfordshire on 17/02/1919.

Purghottam Vithaldas Popat who died on 11/11/2003. Born in India on 01/02/1922.

Stefan Rosickyj who died on 22/09/2002. Born in Poland on 11/11/1925.

George Smythe who died on 10/12/1996. Born in Ireland on 02/02/1920.

Francis Reginald White who died on 19/07/1991. Birth pace and date unknown.

Ronald Young who died on 13/09/2017. Born in England on 04/01/1948.

Additionally there are two estates in Chipping Norton that have been left unclaimed. The details are;

Amrita Haldar who died on 23/08/2015 in Chipping Norton. Born in India on 01/11/1930.

Ivy May Pierce who died on 17/11/2015 in Chipping Norton. Born in Lew, Oxfordshire on 04/10/1921.

Finally one estate remains of Florence Louise Lee, who was born in Banbury on 03/07/1917 and who died on 09/12/2002 in Grimsbury in the North East of England.

To search all unclaimed estates visit the Treasury’s website.