Conservatives unveil manifesto for upcoming local elections

Conservative candidates for Cherwell District elections
Conservative candidates for Cherwell District elections

Banbury Conservatives have launched their manifesto for Banbury Town ahead of the forthcoming Cherwell District Council and Banbury Town Council elections.

Labelled as a ‘positive vision for Banbury’s future’, the document focuses on growing Banbury as a business centre, while promoting Banbury Town Centre as a unique tourist and shopping destination.

The manifesto promises improved safety across the town, continued promotion of Banbury’s expanding independent sector and history alongside support for Castle Quay II, the creation of more affordable homes for Banbury’s families and young people and a commitment to the Horton General Hospital and keeping excellent-quality NHS care in the heart of Banbury.

Leader of Banbury Conservatives Kieron Mallon says: “While the Banbury Labour Party recycles old ideas, committing to promises they know cannot be kept, Banbury Conservatives have put forward a positive manifesto which will support the continued success of our town.

“We can be proud of what Cherwell District Council and Banbury Town Council has achieved for Banbury and its residents in recent years. Banbury Conservatives have frozen their proportion of residents council tax bills consistently over the past six years despite rebuilding Spiceball Leisure Centre and refurbishing Woodgreen and the open air pool, redeveloping brownfield sites into low-cost housing, revamping every play park in the town and improving local services to the highest-level of customer satisfaction ever.”

“However, we recognise that more needs to be done. We are committed to being at the forefront of improved and positive change across our community. We are passionate about Banbury and strongly believe in what it has to offer”.

The manifesto says the Conservatives would expand Cherwell District Council’s award-winning Build! project to help more young Banbury residents and families get on the housing ladder. It pledges committed spending on crime prevention methods and future support for Banbury’s Charter Market.

The Conservatives would aim to keep unemployment low by encouraging high-skilled jobs to the town, continuing the successful job clubs and helping more local businesses to set-up apprenticeship programmes for young students and school leavers. And it says that the Conservatives will always be low-tax councils.

Mr Mallon says: “Labour have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted with the public purse. Banbury Town Council is a debt-free and prosperous council. Labour’s default answer is always tax hikes and borrowing. Banbury deserves better.

“The Conservatives passionately believe in low cost, high performing, small Government, close to the residents of Banbury. We want local decisions made by local councillors for local people.”