COMMENT: Community spirit free flowing at Banbury’s Music Mix

Banbury Music Mix rock and roll stilt walkers NNL-180730-151854001
Banbury Music Mix rock and roll stilt walkers NNL-180730-151854001

I have lived in or around Banbury for many years but I cannot recall such a joyous and celebratory night as the one last Friday (July 27).

The Banbury Music Mix, is on the face of it, a simple idea; build a stage, invite five local bands to play and the people will come.

Banbury has a vibrant live music scene particularly in the summer with the Reindeer’s DeerJam and the Wine Vaults Vault-stock annually attracting the crowds.

The Music Mix built on that foundation and it could not have been a better evening. No PA system failures, no lighting issues and no bad weather.

Crucially, everyone in attendance was there for the same goal; enjoy the music, sample some exotic drinks and dance the night away.

It wasn’t just me who felt the evening was a success, mayor Shaida Hussain said: “Everywhere I went, people were moving to the music and the expressions on their faces told me they were having fun.

She added: “I think the success of this event means the council will almost certainly organise something similar next year.”

Social media, not always an accurate yard stick by which to go by, nevertheless was awash with praise.

Claire Rennie summed it up perfectly on the town council’s Facebook page, saying: “Such an amazing night, the eclectic mix of people dancing together in the street, it was perfect.

“More community spirit in one night than I’ve felt in Banbury for a long time.”