Clifton resident becomes UK Orange Ambassador for Spanish firm

Orange ambassador NNL-150313-134650001
Orange ambassador NNL-150313-134650001

It’s not every student who ends up an ambassador while on their year abroad as part of their degree.

But Rebecca Jardine, 20, from Clifton is currently revelling in the chance to be UK Orange Ambassador for a family business in Spain.

The former Bloxham School pupil is a business management and Spanish student at the University of Nottingham.

But she didn’t set off on her year abroad with dreams of oranges.

She said: “I was studying in Santiago, Chile and then around September time I decided I wanted to leave and find work in Madrid. After trawling the internet, I stumbled across this amazing, family-run company which was advertising a job for an English speaker.

“I changed my whole CV and covering letter to orange themed, and after two Skype interviews…they offered me the job.”

And since February she has been living the dream working for the firm, Naranjas del Carmen. She said: “Whilst my friends are bogged down with final year exams, or working in monotonous jobs… I get to spend my days wandering through trees of oranges… not something I ever imagined doing as a child, I have to say!”