Chipping Norton on the attack after TV critic says town has no community spirit

Benefits Street NNL-151205-113523001
Benefits Street NNL-151205-113523001

Angry Chipping Norton residents have been quick to hit back after the TV critic of The Guardian - the national paper, not us here in Banbury - had a dig at the town in his review of the Channel 4 show Benefits Street.

The controversial programme has returned for a new series with the focus on a road in Stockton-on-Tees.

The Guardian critic Sam Wollaston wrote about the programme in some depth but it was the headline that sparked the angry reaction: ‘Benefits Street review: just look at the community spirit - you don’t get that in Chipping flipping Norton’.

Chippy residents were quick to get on social media to defend their town and to express their dismay at its name being assumed to always end with the word ‘set’.

The Chippy champions were quickly on the warpath on the Guardian’s own comments page, among them mistermark604: ‘Stop denigrating Chipping Norton!! There is huge community spirit, as demonstrated by the town uniting to build a new hospital, save our beautiful Lido and supporting a fantastic literary festival at the end of April. And there are real areas of need in the town, as in most towns’.

Others such as Sue Jones made a direct plea to the critic on Twitter - ‘don’t tar us all with the awful Chipping Norton Set’ - which prompted a simple reply of ‘sorry’.

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