Cherwell urge ‘consideration’ over firework use

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The law is clear on the acceptable use of fireworks, so Cherwell District Council is encouraging residents to go that extra mile and be a considerate neighbour.

Cllr Barry Wood, leader of Cherwell District Council, said: “If you ignore the rules on using fireworks you may end up in having a challenging conversation with the police.

“Organised public displays should always be your first choice, but if you are having a display at home there are simple things you can do to reduce the impact on neighbours.

“It could be as little effort as posting on your social media to warn neighbours a few days ahead, especially those with pets or young children.

“It can be tempting to buy big and loud fireworks, but you should ask yourself if they are appropriate for the size of your garden.

The council have also issued guidelines surrounding bonfires which should only include dry material to minimise smoke and no household rubbish, tyres or plastics should be burnt.

Petrol or other flammable substances should never be used on bonfires and householders should also consider the weather conditions. Misty or damp conditions could worsen the impact of smoke, while windy conditions can blow smoke directly in to homes or send a fire out of control.

Cllr Wood added: “Bonfires can also be a nuisance and thinking about whether smoke will linger or be blown directly into your neighbour’s home will ensure our Environmental Protection team don’t dampen spirits at your bonfire bash.”

If a bonfire is causing a nuisance, contact the Environmental Protection Team by using their Interactive Report It System, email or call 01295 227990.