Cherwell offer advice on New Year’s fireworks

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Setting off fireworks to mark the New Year is a tradition for many. But bangs, smoke and large groups of people can annoy some residents and cause distress to pets.

Cherwell District Council are reminding residents to think about their own safety and the wellbeing of others during their New Year celebrations.

Cllr Tony Ilott, Cherwell’s lead member for public protection, said: “Lots of people will be looking forward to fireworks displays this New Year and we want to ensure it is memorable for all the right reasons.

“We are asking anyone planning to have a fireworks display at home to think beforehand about safety and to consider their neighbours, particularly those with animals and very small children. By following a few basic guidelines, people can reduce the risk of causing a nuisance.”

Points to consider are:

█ Give neighbours a few days’ notice if hosting a fireworks display

█ Buy appropriate fireworks: try to avoid really noisy ones

█ Carefully follow safety information supplied with fireworks

█ Buy from a reputable source. Fireworks intended for use by the general public must be marked with BS 7114 to show that they meet the safety standard for fireworks

█ Make sure pets and other animals are safely away from fireworks

█ Avoid letting off fireworks in unsuitable weather. If it is still and misty or air quality is poor, pollution could be a problem

█ Let fireworks off in an open garden area. Noise bounces off buildings and smoke and pollution build up in enclosed spaces

█ If a neighbour complains of disturbance to themselves, their pets or livestock, be considerate

█ After hosting a display, clear up firework fallout and dispose of it safely

Residents are asked to give thought to the timing of domestic fireworks displays. On the night of New Year’s Eve it is illegal to set off fireworks after 1am (between 11pm and 7am the rest of year and midnight on 5 November).

It is also important to follow the firework safety code printed in the box of fireworks to help avoid any injuries. For further information on firework laws and safety, please visit:

Cherwell Firework Advice

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