Cherwell election sees 16 seats up for grabs

Voters in parts of Banburyshire will heading to the polls to cast their vote for their district councillors on Thursday (May 3).

Sixteen seats are up for grabs at Cherwell District Council as the councillors are elected in thirds.

Each ward has one seat available with the exception of Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton which will elect two councillors after Ken Atack resigned earlier this year.

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The elections are the first test of public opinion since last year’s General Election so each party will be eager to see how they poll.

The Conservative, Labour and Green parties have candidates standing in every Banburyshire ward involved, while the Liberal Democrats have a few wards without a representative.

All of the councillors whose terms ended this year are standing for re-election except for Conservatives Nigel Morris in Banbury Calthorpe and Easington and Mr Atack.

Parish councils across the district are also holding elections, with 31 seats available as well as a by-election in Calthorpe South ward on Banbury Town Council..

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Polling stations open at 7am and close at 10pm – Cherwell council is not starting the count at Spiceball Leisure Centre until 10am the following day (May 4).

Here are the Cherwell election candidates in the BG area:

Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote: Andy Aris (Green Party), Peter Davis (Liberal Democrats), Andrew John McHugh (Conservative Party), Suzette Elizabeth Watson (Labour Party)

Banbury Calthorpe and Easington: Antonio Oliver Joseph Ferrara (Lab), Jane Beatrix Hamel (Green), Brent Jackson (Lib Dem), Tony Mepham (Con)

Banbury Cross and Neithrop: Bernard Geoffrey Dodd (Green), Bette Melling (Lib Dem), Alastair John Milne-Home (Con), Cassi Perry (Lab)

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Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown: David Frederick Beverly (Con), Shaida Hussain (Lab), Liz Vere (Green), David Brian Wiles (Lib Dem)

Banbury Hardwick: Simmi Cumberbatch (Green), Tony Ilott (Con), Perran Henry Rupert Moon (Lab)

Banbury Ruscote: Chris Phillips (Con), Barry Keir Richards (Lab), Rita Rose Victoria White (Green)

Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton: Phil Chapman (Con), Anne Felicia Cullen (Lab), Shaun Edward Greenslade-Hibbert (Green), Sue Moon (Lab), Douglas George Webb (Con), Julian Woodward (Lib Dem)

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Deddington: Aaron James Bliss (Green), Nigel Geoffrey Davis (Lib Dem), Mike Kerford-Byrnes (Con), Annette Murphy (Lab)

Fringfords and Heyfords: Robby Finley Prior (Lab), Jenny Tamblyn (Green), Barry Victor Wood (Con)