Cherwell candidate enters the local government challenge

Yvonne Rees, CDC
Yvonne Rees, CDC

Cherwell District Council were host for the launch of this year’s Local Government Challenge (LG Challenge) this morning,  working in collaboration with Oxfordshire County Council.

The program seeks to find the best and brightest local government officers to compete in a series of real-life challenges, at secret locations around the country. This year the LG Challenge celebrates its 10th anniversary and it is going to be bigger and better than ever before.

The idea came about in 2009 and, over a six month period, ten contestants will tackle five tough real life challenges in councils across the country, spanning front line, financial, creative and leadership challenges.

They will develop and hone their people and political management skills, their business acumen and their presentation style and gain valuable media experience. Those who make the final four will be set a final challenge at the 2019 Annual Conference in Bournemouth.

Yvonne Rees, Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council, said: “This is a really exciting event to host as it will showcase potential future stars of the Local Government family.

"The challenges will test their ability to come up with innovative solutions to the real issues faced by many local councils and their partners. They will need to put the resident at the heart of the scenario and work in partnership if they are to find solutions that will add value to the lives of our residents.

"This week’s exercise asked them a difficult question, how do we ensure we work with our communities to create sustainable, well designed and thriving neighbourhoods? How can we help support healthy behaviours as the norm, when local people feel empowered, and build on the innovative and successful activity in Bicester?

"From experience, this event will bring fresh impetus and I hope new approaches to a topic we are passionate about. I also expect it will help to launch the ten candidates on their local government journey."

2014 LG Challenge winner Graeme Kane, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO at Cherwell District Council added: “Being involved in the LG Challenge has been a highlight in my career in local government. It enabled me to learn from others in the sector and use that learning to benefit the councils I went on to work for and the communities we serve.

"I am delighted to welcome this year’s contestants to Cherwell so we can benefit from their ideas, energy and creativity.”

Cherwell and South Northamptonshire District Council candidate, Celia Prado-Teeling, a strategic intelligence and insight analyst, said: “I’m so proud to be representing Cherwell District Council, but I have no illusions about the level of competition I'm facing and how tough this challenge is going to be. Wish me luck.”

Ten contestants will tackle five tough real-life challenges in councils across the country, spanning a range of front-line, financial, creative and leadership operations.

The winner will receive a prestigious Bruce Lockhart scholarship worth up to £10,000 to spend on their own project in their local authority, giving them the opportunity to make a real and long-lasting impact in their district.

You can find out more about LG Challenge here .