Cherwell area police officer sacked for gross misconduct

A Thames Valley Police officer has been sacked for '˜bullying behaviour' including shooting at fellow officers with a BB gun.
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gt Michael Bromell, who had been working in the Cherwell Local Policing Area, was dismissed without notice on Friday following a misconduct hearing, for breaching the standards of Professional Behaviour.

He was found to have committed gross misconduct and breached the standards of professional behaviour for the following incidents:

In mid-2011 he shot at fellow officers with a BB gun in a report writing room.

In August 2014 he carried a knife into an office and threatened to cut another officer’s hair and assaulted the same officer by holding a knife to his neck

In October 2014 he deliberately tried to scare and intimidate a fellow officer on a night search, and also threatened to cut her hair off with a knife.

In November 2014 he assaulted a police officer under his command by placing the loop of a dog catching pole around the officer’s neck and pulling on the pole causing pain to the officer’s throat.

Between August and November 2014, Bromell breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour set out in the Schedule to the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012 when he carried a 6 - 8cm bladed knife while on duty, which other officers found to be intimidating and concerning;

Thames Valley Police said Bromell’s conduct was deemed to be gross misconduct and in breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour pertaining to ‘Discreditable Conduct’ and ‘Authority, Respect and Courtesy’.

Det Chief Supt Tim De Meyer, head of professional standards Department, said: “A sergeant should lead, support and encourage officers to serve the public to the highest standards. This is what Thames Valley Police expects of those who operate in this crucial rank. Sergeant Bromell did quite the opposite.

“This bullying behaviour, from an officer in a position of power, caused considerable distress to junior colleagues who simply wanted to get on with their job of keeping people safe.

“Instead they were subjected to sinister and overbearing treatment from the very person who should have been looking out for them.

“It is to their credit that they stood up to him by reporting his misconduct and providing the evidence that has today seen him dismissed. Their fortitude, and the thorough investigation which followed, shows that Thames Valley Police will stand up to and root out officers who abuse their authority and intimidate others.

“Such oppressive behaviour is extremely rare and a disservice to the many sergeants in this force whose exemplary leadership does a great deal to serve people in our area.”

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