Cherwell agrees and votes to leave the EU

The Cherwell District Council results show a small victory for the leave campaign

The residents of Cherwell voted to leave the EU by the smallest of majorities. Of the 108,000 registered voters 75.5% turned out to cast a ballot on the referendum.

The leave campaign received 50.31% while the remain camp received 49.69%. This equates to 41,168 votes to leave and 40,668 to remain.

West Oxfordshire, however, voted the other way with 35,236 for remain and 30,435 for leave. The voter turnout was 79.72%.

The South Northamptonshire region also had a good turnout of 79.4% with the leave vote receiving the lions share of the votes cast. In total 54.3% voted to leave consisting of 30,771 individual votes while the remain side received 45.7% of the vote with 25,853 votes cast.