Charity sky dive ahead of bladder surgery for Banbury woman

Zara Bough NNL-180730-123155001
Zara Bough NNL-180730-123155001

A Banbury woman is facing her fears with a charity sky dive as she tries to prepare herself for an equally-scary operation to remove her bladder.

Zara Bough will be falling through the sky from thousands of feet high in aid of Bladder Health UK on Saturday.

“I can’t change the fact that I’m going to lose my bladder but if I can make even a small difference, to raise awareness of this little known condition, then maybe one day, there will be a cure and people wouldn’t have to have such extreme treatments,” she said.

Zara, 31, has interstitial cystitis, a painful and debilitating disease that causes extreme pain in the bladder lining, frequent and urgent urination, and bladder control issues.

The condition has affected her ability to follow her dream of working with young children too.

But on August 24, Zara is having her bladder removed and surgeons will make a new one using part of her bowels, that will sit inside her.

She said she is terrified but decided to take on the even-scarier sky dive to challenge herself and give something back.

So far, she has raised £175 for the charity. To donate, visit