Centenarian Maud still raises club funds

Maud Fagan, 100, cuts her birthday cake at the Valentine Club
Maud Fagan, 100, cuts her birthday cake at the Valentine Club

Maud Fagan celebrated her 100th birthday last month at the seniors’ club where she runs the sales table.

Mrs Fagan, of Steeple Aston, never thinks about her age, lives independently, enjoys going out and makes up her face every day.

She enjoyed a party for family and friends and a get together at the Valentine Club for over 60s in the village.

Daughter Pauline Brock, also of Steeple Aston, said: “She is amazing. She’s never acted her age and she says she never thinks about it.

“She always goes to the monthly Valentine Club sessions where she runs the sales table to raise funds for the club funds. It’s a kind of bring and buy table and she’s raised over £1,000 so far.

“She still enjoys life. She lives alone and always makes up in the morning. Before her eyesight began to fail she used to read, knit and sew. She lives close to my husband and I and we help with the heavier tasks around the house.”

Mrs Fagan received a congratulatory card from HM The Queen and a also telegram from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Mrs Brock said her mother was brought up in Thrupp. She worked at the glove factory in Woodstock and married Christopher Fagan, a driver who became a builder.

The couple lived in Kidlington but moved to Steeple Aston when Mr Fagan bought land to build a bungalow on. Their home was sold when Mrs Fagan became housekeeper to Major Scott at The Beeches.

She stayed there for 25 years, only moving when Major Scott died.

Mr and Mrs Fagan had two daughters, Pauline and Myra. However Myra sadly died over 20 years ago. Mrs Fagan has six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.