Campaign group rallies Banbury public in defence of maternity unit

Protesters at a demonstration outside maternity last week
Protesters at a demonstration outside maternity last week
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Weekly crisis meetings being held by Keep the Horton General Campaign Group are generating huge public support for Banbury’s maternity hospital .

The team has been growing steadily since news of Horton downgrading plans was trumped by the Oxford University Hospital Trust’s announcement it would remove consultant-led maternity next month.

Save the Horton tee shirt NNL-160308-110943001

Save the Horton tee shirt NNL-160308-110943001

With new legal, internet, social media and medico-administrative input and protest demonstrations, started with the Banbury Guardian’s photocall a week ago, KTHG has hatched massive opposition to attempts to divert nearly all births to Oxford.

The developments are accompanied by opposition from politicians of all parties. And the group is asking the public to show its support for the Banbury maternity unit.

A governmentn petition is available at - and if this reaches 100,000 signatures, the subject will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Kate Spencer of KTHG said: “We also have a new paper petition from KTHG targeted at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, which is in charge of commissioning services. It released as a paper petition because we need to reach those who are not on Facebook or online. Many are still unaware there is a threat. Please help us by sharing, printing, signing and collecting signatures wherever you can.”

The petition is available at

New campaign tee-shirts in three sizes will be available at Banbury Market on Saturday, priced at £6 each.