Cadet leader helps face challenges at annual camp in Wales

Adults Under Officer Robyn Ledger, based at Banbury, at annual camp in Wales.
Adults Under Officer Robyn Ledger, based at Banbury, at annual camp in Wales.

Supported by a team of dedicated instructors, including Banbury based Adult Under Officer Robyn Ledger, Army Cadets from Oxfordshire descended on Penally Training Camp, South Wales for a two-week annual camp.

The cadets put into practice the training learnt at their local detachments and overcoming challenging weather conditions, the cadets slept out in the field under a “basha”, cooked from an army ration pack, and practised their navigation and ambush skills. Cadets with the necessary training had the opportunity to use the cadet rifle.

Robyn, 22, combines her Army Cadet instructor role by working as a bar manager and as a student studying for a degree through the Open University. She has been involved with the ACF (Army Cadet Force) for the last four years, having previously been a cadet herself with her school Combined Cadet Force (CCF).

Robyn said: “I had the most fantastic experiences with the CCF and felt that it was time for me to give something back. I was dragged along to an ACF training evening by a friend who was already an instructor and left having paid for my CRB check.

“Being an instructor is so rewarding. It is brilliant to see the progress that the cadets make through the teaching they receive, from learning to lead a section into a firefight, to first aid and preparing to go on expedition. As an adult you can also get so much out of it, including personal development and leadership skills that can be put to use in civilian life.

“Supporting activities such as annual camp is important as it is a great opportunity for the cadets to come together, to make new friends and to put their skills in to action.”

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