By-election to be held for former prime minister David Cameron’s constituency

David Cameron
David Cameron

Former prime minister, David Cameron’s old seat of Witney will be the subject of a by-election on October 20.

Fourteen candidates have been nominated for the seat:

> Emilia Arno, One Love Party;

> Dickie Bird, UKIP;

> David Bishop, Bus-Pass Elvis Party;

> Robert Courts, Con;

> Duncan Enright, Lab;

> Mad Hatter, Official Monster Raving Loony Party;

> Lord Toby Jug, Eccentric Party of Great Britain;

> Adam Knight, Independent;

> Elizabeth Leffman, Lib Dem;

> Winston McKenzie, English Democrats;

> Helen Salisbury, National Health Action Party;

> Larry Sanders, Green;

> Daniel Skidmore, Independent;

> Nicholas Ward, Independent.

Applications to vote by post need to be received by the elections office on October 5 by 5pm or for proxy vote, by 5pm on October 12. Forms are at