Businesses invited to free breakfast bash

Businesses are being invited to a free networking event with the added bonus of an award-winning breakfast for all attendees.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th February 2017, 12:00 pm
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MHBG-11-04-13 Bloxham Mill ENGNNL00120130904131406

Reg and Alison Howe are the owner/proprietors of the multi-award winning cafe franchise Reg’s Cafe.

There are currently four Reg’s Cafes, the most recent addition opening last October at Bloxham Mill Business Centre which has been a big hit.

To celebrate this success, Bloxham Mill’s managing director Ray Avery, along with Reg and Alison Howe, are inviting Banbury businesspeople to a free networking breakfast on Tuesday February 28 beginning at 7.45am.

Mr Avery said: “We’re offering breakfast for free but we do have another reason for inviting Banbury’s networking business community to Bloxham Mill. We want to ask them for their input as to what our next networking initiative might be in terms of where, what and when.”

Mr Howe said: “We’re really enjoying being at Bloxham Mill and when Ray asked if I’d be happy to lay on a business breakfast for this purpose, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.”

Bloxham Mill used to host the Oxford Networking Lunch Club (ONLC) at restaurants throughout the county but last year had to cancel some planned venues due to lack of take-up and the networking breakfast looks to address those issues.

Mr Avery said: “We’ll be running a survey during breakfast and asking our guests to complete a brief questionnaire.

“For many years, the ONLC’s formula really worked, and we’re keen to try a new networking initiative that will benefit past attendees, and welcome new ones.”

To attend, register by email at [email protected] including contact details.