Month-long celebration 
of art for college students

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Picture submitted

A month-long celebration of art and design featuring exhibitions, events and community workshops is being held by staff and students from Banbury and Bicester College.

The event, called We’re Here Now, is a creative showcase which aims to bring the work produced by emerging student designers in the current academic year into the heart of the Banbury community.

From this Saturday until Sunday, June 22 the college will be taking over spaces at Castle Quay and Castle House Pub to exhibit work in the fields of graphic design, illustration, print, film, photography, ceramics and more.

There will also be a chance for residents to join students and get involved in activities such as roller printing, decoupage, rubber stamping and mail art as well as join a ‘big knit’ community project.

Martin Carrolchick, one of the event organisers, said: “We’re Here Now is a declaration that Banbury & Bicester College is committed to building relationships with our local community. By being in town we aim to express a spirit of enterprise and demonstrate the importance of working together to expand horizons and fuel change.”

We’re Here Now begins at Castle Quay on Saturday, May 24 and at Castle House on Tuesday. May 27. The college’s annual summer show also runs on June 20 and from June 23-27 from 10am to 3pm at the Broughton Road campus.