Joint operation to ensure our Banbury taxis are safe

Taxi sign. ENGPNL00120130913154903
Taxi sign. ENGPNL00120130913154903

Taxis and private hire vehicles in Banbury have been subject to spot-checks in a joint operation by Cherwell District Council and Thames Valley Police.

Taking place on November 27, the aim was to ensure that all of the vehicles licensed by the council were legal and met public safety standards as demand for these vehicles starts to increase.

As part of the checks, Thames Valley neighbourhood and roads policing officers were acompanied by four Cherwell District Council officers. They checked 28 taxis and private hire vehicles and found that the overall standard was extremely high, although some drivers were given police fixed penalty notices for minor faults.

Councillor Tony Illott, Cherwell’s lead member for public protection, said: “We discovered problems of a minor nature - mostly they were faulty lights. Additionally we suspended one vehicle that had tyre treads being below the taxi licensing requirement and noted faults on two vehicles licensed by neighbouring authorities”.

Mr Ilott added “Anyone using taxis and private hire vehicles in the run up to Christmas can be sure that council officers and Thames Valley Police are working together to ensure that they are safe”.