Food range helps fill gardens with wildlife

Rob Allen, manager at the Upton Estate
Rob Allen, manager at the Upton Estate

A Banburyshire duo have made it their mission to help support the country’s birds and bees with a new food range.

The Birds & Bees range is aimed at reviving the nation’s dwindling bird and bee habitats by bringing life to gardens and the countryside.

It has been created by Marcus Waley Cohen, founder of Firefly Drinks, and Upton Estate manager Rob Allan.

Although the range is new, it all started ten years ago as a project to create some space for wildlife on the Upton Estate farm. A decade later, the area has been transformed into a haven for wildlife, enjoying a huge revival of birds, bees and butterflies.

Mr Allan, named Countryside Farmer of the Year 2012, said:“Creating habitats for birds and bees is such a simple and hugely rewarding activity. Whether you are feeding from the window ledge of your flat, in a country garden, or on a farm there’s nothing more rewarding than watching nature thrive.”

Supported by wildlife and science TV presenter Kate Humble, Birds & Bees offers existing bird feeding enthusiasts and newcomers to the hobby a range of ethically sourced, nutritionally balanced food.

Kate Humble said: “I’m really excited to be working with Birds & Bees. Our aim is to encourage people to feed birds and transform their gardens into havens for wildlife.

“Feeding birds is just one of the small things you can do that has a big impact on nature.” Birds & Bees uses the highest quality British cereals, sourced from wildlife friendly farms.

The company will plant one square foot of new wild flower meadow at Upton Estate for every new customer who joins them.

The Birds & Bees range of seed mixes, straight seeds, mealworms and fatballs can be ordered direct from