Detox sees reporter lose seven pounds

Reporter Hanna Ljunggren with KSFL Coach Sindy Matthews
Reporter Hanna Ljunggren with KSFL Coach Sindy Matthews

Seven pounds in as many days; that’s how much I lost when I undertook what I thought would be a horrific week-long detox, only to discover that eating well isn’t all that bad!

When I was approached by fitness and wellness coach Sindy Matthews, who has set up two Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) clubs in Banbury, asking me if I wanted to review an online seven-day elimination challenge, I must admit it filled me with slight trepidation. But that was before I understood what KSFL is all about – and before I met Sindy.

Contrary to other plans when the main aim is to lose as much weight as possible, the aim of the challenge is to break sugar addiction, detoxify the body and cells, regulate blood sugar levels to stop cravings, give you more energy and lose body fat and inches.

Of course, for this to happen you have to give something in return and the challenge consists of eliminating any caffeine (gulp!), sugar, processed carbs and gluten and dairy for a week.

This means planning, preparing and learning to cook from scratch with natural ingredients. There’s also the added bonus of two 17-hour fasting periods. I thought I’d be ravenous but it was actually a rather pleasant experience.

The best thing with the programme is that it’s easy to follow.

You get access to an array of simple recipes as well as high intensity interval training workout videos (HIIT) – which only require ten minutes of your time per day. You also get daily e-mail updates making sure you know what to do and you get invited to a superb Facebook support group where Sindy is practically always online giving tips, pointers, encouragement and motivation.

I also went along to the weekly KSFL club session at St Francis Church where I was put through my paces with a (very sweaty) 30-minute HIIT session. But it’s not all about the exercise as KSFL members get to meet up and share recipes and experiences while getting motivation from Sindy.

Breaking my coffee habit was a tough nut to crack – but I did it! What else did I break? My longstanding sugar addiction. Oh, and I also lost a total of 5.3 inches overall.

Other positives? I’m no longer tired constantly and feel much happier and energised overall.

I thought the challenge would be much harder than it actually was – in fact, it was a real eye-opener. I ate three big, healthy meals per day packed with nutrients; lots of veggies, meat, fish, eggs and good carbs such as brown rice and sweet potato. This meant I ended up not wanting chocolate or crisps – I guess my body was just content.

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