Bus shelter is built in ‘front garden’ of new Banbury home

A blunder by planners has left a new home with a large bus shelter where a front garden should be.

Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 3:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 3:05 pm
The bus shelter outside the Bloxham Road terraced house NNL-190503-144412009

The terraced home is in Bloxham Road and was built by developers Redrow.

But somewhere in the planning stage a bus stop was earmarked for the extension to Banbury.

The Bloxham Road terrace with a bus stop directly outside the end house NNL-190503-144339009

It was built close to the new roundabout giving public transport access to the residents of Victoria Park - another new estate built by Morris Homes.

And it is directly outside the door of the last of the terraced homes on the Bloxham Vale development. The bus stop was built first.

Between the house and the bus shelter is a narrow path giving right of way to pedestrians.

This week, discussion on the Banburyshire Info community Facebook page prompted scores of posts from disbelieving townsfolk.

“Is there actually enough room for a large wheelchair, electric scooter or double pushchair to get by? Where will the residents wheeliebins go?” asked one woman.

Some made creative suggestion that the residents might sell breakfasts and snacks to people going to work from their kitchen window.

Others suggested it would be a conveniently placed smoking area for the new residents.

The Banbury Guardian today (Tuesday) approached Redrow and Oxfordshire Highways press offices for information about the siting of the bus stop.

And the company says the bus stop will be relocated.

“The bus shelter was installed in accordance with the requirements of the Council’s Highways Department.

“However, the location has now been reviewed and the shelter is due to be repositioned,” said a spokesman.