Brackley rocker to sacrifice long locks to thank Horton

Nick Tanner with dad Bill threatening to make an early start on cutting his long locks
Nick Tanner with dad Bill threatening to make an early start on cutting his long locks

A heavy metal fan is about to unleash a new look as he prepares to sacrifice his carefully-cultivated long hair and beard for a good cause.

Nick Tanner, 46, from Brackley, will abandon the classic rock look this Sunday to raise funds as a thanks to some of those who helped his dad out.

The route to this drastic action started in July when his dad Bill, 77, was taken seriously ill with a combination of a suspected heart attack and a severe lung infection as a result of his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

He is now back at home but it has not been a smooth journey.

Nick said: “He was admitted into the Horton Hospital’s critical care unit (CCU) and while there my family and I were told on two separate occasions not to expect him to survive the night, but thanks to the wonderful care of the nurses in that unit, after 12 days he was removed to the emergency assessment unit.”

Following a spell there he was moved to Juniper Ward for a further week, then to Danetre Hospital in Daventry.

“After a couple of weeks he was allowed home, but unfortunately after two days he was admitted to Northampton General for a further two weeks as the chest infection had come back,” Nick added.

“In total then he spent eight weeks in hospital, but thanks to the care of the NHS he is now back home and well on the road to recovery.”

Having reflected on the experience Nick decided to do the shave to raise money for the Horton’s critical care unit.

Dad Bill said: “Thanks to the wonderful care of the doctors and nurses and the love and support of my family, I’m still here and so grateful for the amazing work they do.”

“I’ve always got on at Nick about his hair and wish he’d get it cut nice and tidy. I’m happy to be able to do the first cut, but I do know that Nick likes his long hair, so I won’t enjoy it, however I am proud of him.”

Nick’s wife Lauren added: “To be honest, I’m proud of Nick and what he’s doing as it’s for a great cause, but by the same token, I love his long hair and I will miss it, however I will be able to get into the bathroom more quickly.”

n He has already beaten his initial £2,000 target and if you want to add to the total, go to