Brackley bridge repair forces bus timetable change

Stagecoach has applied to Banbury Town Council for a short-notice change to the Brackley to Banbury 500 bus service due to the closure of the A422 near Farthinghoe for essential bridge repair work.

The 500 bus service, between Banbury and Brackley
The 500 bus service, between Banbury and Brackley

The 500 service is currently being diverted, adding 10 minutes to journey time in each direction, resulting in buses running 20 minutes late.

A new timetable due to accommodate the detour began on September 2.

The new timetable promises to deliver a reliable service, particularly via the Grimsbury area of Banbury.

Weekday services will be maintained at 30 minute intervals, peak service has been reduced from 20 to 30 minutes with evening and Sunday services reduced from 60 to 90 minute frequency.

Banbury’s Gateway Retail Park will suffer the biggest impact of the changes during the morning peak travelling times.

The B6 shuttle bus from Banbury town centre to Gateway begins at 9am and runs every 30 minutes. Before 9am outbound (to Brackley) 500 buses will be diverted to Gateway and Wildmere for employees to get to work on time.

The changes have no end date as the estimated completion date of the bridge repairs is up in the air due to Northamptonshire County Council’s recent financial problems.

To download a PDF of the new timetable click here.