Brackley blaze forces road closure

An industrial unit in Brackley was ablaze in the early hours of this morning, June 27, with fire crews from across the region called in to control it.

Courtesy Darren Dovey, NHants Fire Chief
Courtesy Darren Dovey, NHants Fire Chief

An initial call came into the Northamptonshire Fire Service at about 10.20pm on Tuesday, June 26.

Flames could be seen coming from the roof of the Biolink Chemicals Ltd industrial unit on the Borough Road with Oxfordshire Fire Service, Northamptonshire Fire Service and Buckinghamshire Fire Service’s all attending the scene.

Warning was given to people living close by to remain in doors due to the amount of smoke the fire produced.

Courtesy Darren Dovey, NHants Fire Chief

Borough Road, was closed from the junction with Boundary Road, including access to Ward Road and Riding Road and fire crews remained at the scene dampening down any possibility of re-ignition.

The cause of the fire has not yet been given but firefighters were still there today dampening down the scene and investigating.