Boxer turned model Rob shares top fitness tips

MHBG-02-08-12 Rob Evans ENGNNL00120120708145812
MHBG-02-08-12 Rob Evans ENGNNL00120120708145812

Rob Evans, the Banbury born champion boxer turned model and fashion judge, is adding fitness filming to his busy work schedule.

The former Warriner School pupil who turned indifference in the classroom to ultra dedication in the gym, was three times ABA British boxing champion at cruiser weight.

This week, fashion magazine I-D has posted the first of four impressive fitness tuition videos on YouTube. Starring Evans – one of the judges of America’s Next Top Model – and filmed in Dave Earle’s Spit n Sawdust gym, Banbury, the advice is aimed at helping individuals get fit and stay healthy.

“We went back to my roots at Spit n Sawdust – where it all literally happened for me. It is where I spent countless hours a day training,” he said.

“In these films I take the viewer through some of the methods that helped me to become three-times British Champion and I concentrate on speed, stamina, strength and nutrition.

“Anyone can afford a £3 skipping rope to stay healthy.

“It’s the best cardio exercise you can do. It exercises everything and you can do it anywhere,” he said.

He gives his own tips on making exercising fun and keeping it interesting. He also puts in some interesting tricks to extend stamina.

As well as modelling, Evans is in demand in advertising.

The first film can be seen at watch?v=RhqM9gKAefg