Bodicote artist’s Christmas lanterns are a sellout before the shop window opens

Wendy Chadwick, from Banbury, with her handpainted Christmas lanterns
Wendy Chadwick, from Banbury, with her handpainted Christmas lanterns

A colour artist based in Bodicote has had a rush on sales because her hand-painted glass lanterns have touched a Christmas nerve.

Wendy Chadwick’s unique, illuminated orbs started out as a relaxing pastime but such has been the popularity of the decorative pieces, she felt inspired to create a small manufacturing company.

Enthusiastic friends and family leaked photos of lanterns they had bought on social media and as December approached, Ms Chadwick’s stock has diminished.

“We’re just about to launch our website but so many people have been snapping up the globes I have precious little left to sell before Christmas,” she said.

“I have to admit they are very festive. Each one is painted over a period of about ten hours and they are illuminated internally with their own set of lights.”

“The company website - - is set to go live this week and we will continue with it but we’ve had to put a block on orders until after Christmas.”

Ms Chadwick’s father, Roland Chadwick, of Hook Norton, was a renowned artist and sculptor and being brought up with the ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of his home studio gave her a particular love of colour in art.

“Dad worked with pencils, paint and clay - his workroom was a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of watercolour tubes, paintbrushes and palettes of colour and it was there he taught me to draw,” she said.

“I’ve always been interested in light and dark, in opposites and in illumination.

“I’m now also working on hand cut glass, painted pyramids and using UV lights.”

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