Bloxham secondary school to continue its farm with new animal care course

Warriner School Farm
Warriner School Farm

The Warriner School’s head has reassured parents that the school farm will continue - with a new GCSE course in animal care.

Dr Annabel Kay said there was no truth in rumours the farm will be disbanded.

But she confirmed a part-finished rural studies building will be adapted to provide new classrooms.

“We have a rural studies building that was not completed due to lack of funds,” she said. “We have now secured funding to develop classrooms in one of the sections and animal housing for our new animal care course.

“This course is offered to GCSE students who want to be vet nurses or work in kennels or with horses. This is not offered locally and I hope that there will be a real market for this – 19 students will start this next academic year which is wonderful.

“I recruited an additional member of staff last year in anticipation of the course being offered.”

She said the additional classrooms would serve students with special educational needs for whom funding has been obtained from Oxfordshire County Council.

Dr Kay said claims that a ‘museum’ was being disbanded and an ancient threshing machine exposed to the elements did not apply.

“There is no museum. We were given equipment when a local resource closed a number of years ago. This has had to be moved,” she said.

“We are seeking a new location for the threshing machine.

“The husbandry on the farm continues to have pigs, cows, sheep, goats, chickens and donkeys. We are still offering the post-16 diploma in animal management that is targeted for vets.”