Bloxham school students ordered legal highs after finding loophole in IT systems

Bloxham School ENGNNL00120131004122711
Bloxham School ENGNNL00120131004122711

A pupil at Bloxham School has been expelled after students worked their way through internal internet filters to order legal highs and had them delivered to their dormitories.

The school confirmed the incident, which happened in February, after students managed to find a loophole in the IT system which allowed them to get onto websites normally banned by staff.

Students then ordered the legal highs before having them delivered to the school site. It is thought the substances were then handed out among students at the school.

It is believed concerns about the internet filters was raised by parents, and upon examination of the pupil’s browser history, the school discovered a number of websites had been accessed to order legal highs.

Police were subsequently called in and urine tests were taken which resulted in several pupils testing positive for substance abuse. The age and gender of the expelled pupil is not known.

A spokesperson for the school said: “I can confirm an incident of internet and substance misuse occurred at school in February. On becoming aware of the issue, we acted immediately to tackle the situation. Any cases of this kind will not be tolerated, and significant disciplinary action will be taken in any such circumstance.”