Bloxham garage owners at it again

For the fourth time less than a year the company who owns the Bloxham petrol station are hoping to receive retrospective planning permission for illuminations already in place.

By Stuart Prestidge
Friday, 12th April 2019, 10:59 am
Updated Friday, 12th April 2019, 1:32 pm
The Bloxham garage now wants to illuminate the two Londis signs
The Bloxham garage now wants to illuminate the two Londis signs

The Esso garage, owned by Motor Fuel Group, will once again go before Cherwell District Council's planning committee this coming Thursday to seek retrospective planning permission for the illuminated Londis signs that now adorn the station's exterior.

In May 2108 the garage applied for retrospective planning for one illuminated sign, free standing banners and signs. In June the garage applied for retrospective permission for the 6.5 metre tall illuminated monolith that could be seen three miles away. It was refused with a 5 metre high totem eventually being installed.

Also in June retrospective planning permission for recessed forecourt canopy lights was refused which MFG are appealing against. Cllr Heath, also a Bloxham resident, said during that meeting: "They have ignored the council and have done nothing they were asked to do so I put this delay down to them.

"I'm afraid MFG are a most inconsiderate company and they have no consideration for the community, for the neighbors and they have no consideration for the council."

At the Thursday, April 18 planning committee meeting the company will again be seeking retrospective planning permission to illuminate the two Londis signs. Already residents have been airing their concerns with one resident saying: "The lighting at the garage has a detrimental effect on the health and well being of every property that surrounds the petrol station, most of which are home to children and families.

"The lighting should be designed and be appropriate to its surroundings and not so it impacts on its immediate adjacent residential areas particularly now that the petrol station operates on a 24hr basis and lights are lit all through the night and day."

MFG have been contacted for a comment.

The plans, 19/00245 which can be viewed on the CDC website, will be discussed at Bodicote House on Thursday, April 18 from 4pm.