Bloxham climate change group head to Westminster

Seven members of St Mary’s church, Bloxham met with Banbury’s MP Victoria Prentis outside the Palace of Westminster last month as part of the Christian Aid 'Hope into Action' event.

The Christian Aid lobbying event was part of the wider coalition ‘The Time is Now’ who argue for bolder steps to be taken to address climate change.

Members of St Marys church, Bloxham

Members of St Marys church, Bloxham

The meeting was part of a day of demonstration, meetings and workshops involving over 16,000 people, who between them met 320 MPs.

The group, who were joined by others in the wider constituency, impressed on Mrs Prentis that the scale of the climate change challenge made Government action imperative and urgent.

The group also expressed their frustration that progress on important environmental protection measures is being obstructed by the preoccupation with Brexit.

The group concluded that there are signs of potential UK leadership in the global response to climate change, and the setting of a goal of net zero emissions by 2045 is a move in the right direction.

However the UK is some way from a convincing and coherent action plan that matches up to the scale of the problem and there is a need to re-order priorities in the face of what is a global emergency.

Mrs Prentis agreed to a number of follow-up actions, including investigating the tax position of aviation fuel, more emphasis on eco-friendly new- build homes, including the need for charge points to be included, a re-examination of the British Standard for recycling and the issue of importation of biomass from the US for burning in UK power stations.