Bid to demolish historic Banbury pub for new homes

The Duke of Wellington Pub on Warwick Road, Banbury ENGNNL00120120626134408
The Duke of Wellington Pub on Warwick Road, Banbury ENGNNL00120120626134408
  • Bid to flatten historic pub for more housing

An historic Banbury pub could be demolished and replaced with eight new properties.

An outline planning application to knock down the Duke of Wellington pub on the Warwick Road has been submitted to Cherwell District Council. If approved, it would see the site transformed into an apartment block comprising six two-bedroom and two one-bedroom properties.

Matthew Doy, who lives on the Warwick Road, has expressed his concerns with the application. He said: “This historic public house is more than 150 years old and is a locally-listed building. It would be a terrible shame to lose yet another piece of Banbury’s rapidly dwindling Victorian heritage.

“To exchange this fine old building for yet another block of bland flats seems like a very poor exchange. I’m sure future generations will look back in horror that so much of the town’s architectural heritage has been lost and is continuing to be lost.”

Rob Kinchin-Smith, chairman of Banbury Civic Society, added that although the pub falls just outside the town’s conservation area, concerned residents could apply to the council to get the building recognised as a community asset.

He said: “It is one of Banbury’s last remaining ‘back street’ pubs.

“There are a rapidly diminishing number of non-town centre pubs when, at one time in Banbury, there were hundreds of them. It seems a terrible shame.”