Bicester focus of MP’s first question

MP for Banbury and Bicester Victoria Prentis asked her first question at Prime Minister’s Question Time today, Wednesday.
Banbury MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001Banbury MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001
Banbury MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001

She used the forum to call for strategically organised infrastructure in Bicester as part of the Garden Town project.

She said to Prime Minister David Cameron: “Bicester is blossoming into a garden town, which welcomes sustainable growth. Would my Right Honourable Friend, who knows our area well, agree that the promised funding for infrastructure must be provided in step with development?”

During his response, Mr Cameron said he agreed ‘investment and infrastructure has to go together’ adding: “Bicester shows that we can build, build sensibly, and provide the homes that we want to live in.”

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Prentis said: “It’s quite difficult getting chosen for a PMQ, as lots of MPs usually table questions. I was really pleased when I heard I had been selected, although I was rather nervous waiting my turn. I’m glad I had the opportunity to raise the importance of strategically organised infrastructure in Bicester at the highest level.

“I thought the Prime Minister listened carefully and I was pleased with his response. It was a brilliant experience and I look forward to asking many more questions in the future.”