Banners may be removed from Banbury railings

The railings around Banbury Cross are a popular place for banners NNL-171209-131459001
The railings around Banbury Cross are a popular place for banners NNL-171209-131459001

The proliferation of banners tied to railings across Banbury may be taken down as town councillors complained about the ‘unsightly’ adverts.

A Banbury Town Council meeting discussed the number of banners appearing across the town last week after a complaint from a member of the public.

Some councillors and committee members argued the banners provided useful information about events and campaigns, while others believe they are a distraction and put off tourists.

Town council leader Kieron Mallon said at the traffic advisory committee meeting last Wednesday (September 6): “There never used to be this many but they’ve suddenly exploded as they’re seen as a cheap way of advertising.

“But we need to promote Banbury as a great place to live, work and visit.”

Banners range from campaigns, like Keep the Horton General, and events, such as Canal Day, to promoting businesses and special occassions.

The complainant believes it has got out of hand and it could be a safety issue for drivers looking at them, as well as ‘not selling Banbury in the best light’, according to Cllr Mallon.

Cllr Alastair Milne-Home said there was no evidence of the banners causing accidents and they helped promote events in the town.

But Cllr Gordon Ross said: “I would be of a view to stop it because they are a distraction, they are untidy and they are unsightly.”

There is one licensed site for banners in Banbury but everywhere else they are liable to be removed as they are on council property.

Cllr Mallon hoped some sort of protocol could be arranged for having them up and removing them.

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