Banbury Across the Globe: Say hello to old friends

At the Banbury Guardian we get regular messages from ex-pats who are now all over the world, so this special section is specifically for you to say hello to old friends.

You can send a greeting and tell us what you are now doing and what the weather is like with you!

Also, if you are a Banburyshire resident who would like to contact any ex-pats, send us a message and we’ll post it here - include an email/phone number so they can reply.

Send your message to - please place the message ‘Banbury All Over the World’ in the subject field.

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Sandra Cordrey from South Africa writes:

I am sitting catching up with Banbury Guardian after years and I came across this Banbury all over the World page, spent a lovely time reading all the letters and people remembering Banbury with such great fondness, as do I. I remembered particularly the Woolpack and I was there around 1965.... brought back some amazing memories, one forgets after being away for 40 years. My name is Sandra (Cordrey) and I can remember the names Maureen Cunnaine and Cathy Tustain (Crocker), loads of us used to pile into a taxi, share the fare and tear off to Heyford or Croughton wherever the dance was.... oh my word, how I survived unscathed I still don’t know. Where are the girls now, Id love to hear from them, anybody know anybody... Im in South Africa now, weather hot (28C) but raining.

I remember Dave Page, Great Bourton, Freddy Timms (I was his babysitter. I could go on but must stop. If anyone remembers me please send me an e mail

Jeffrey James Fairbrother contacted the Banbury Guardian with:

In 1935 I attended the Banbury County Secondary School and the headmaster was Mr Rose.

It was, to me, a delightful school but my father, who was at that time signalman with the GWR in Hook Norton, was promoted to Fernhill Heath, Worcestershire, as station master. I then entered the Royal Grammar School and graduated in 1941.

As the European conflict was then on, I volunteered but I had to wait for a while. I served throughout Europe with two and a half years in Germany.

I came to Canada, landing here on February 1, 1949. I came back several times to the Cotswolds but am, after all, a true Canadian.

If anyone wishes to write I will, of course, do my best to reply.

Diana Chartier (nee Ambrose) writes:

I lived in Banbury from 1976 to 1984. I went to school at harriers ground and then onto Stanbridge Hall and finally to the technical college from 1980-1981. I still have two sisters, Debbie and Michelle, who live in and Banbury and a brother Neil who recently moved further north. Bobby and Malcolm Ambrose are my parents and they moved back to Dorset.

David Bailey contacted the Banbury Guardian with:

I lived in Banbury, in the Grimsbury area, on and off from ‘70 until ‘85 then moved to Middleton Cheney until ‘91 when I moved to USA. I went to Banbury School where I graduated in ‘83. I was also a member of Middleton Cheney Social Club. I am seeking any friends who remember me during these times.

Pat Glover writes:

I am looking for my ex-sister-in-law and two brother’s-in-law, Linda Steadman (Horne), Malcolm Horne and Martin Horne.

I am Pat Glover (nee Mawle) Horne. I am living in USA have been for over 33 years.

Would really love to hear from you all. Please e-mail me at so we can catch up. Miss you all.

Elizabeth Fischer contacted the Banbury Guardian with:

“I am writing from St Louis Missouri and would love to hear from anybody that remembers me.

“I lived in Gatteridge Street Banbury, I went to Brittania Road School, Dashwood Road School and then on to Stanbridge.

“If you remember me you can reach me via email.”

Patricia Glover (nee Mawle) writes again from Florida:

“Hello, it’s me again! I would like hear from any of my old school friends.

“Sheena Workman was my best friend at school as was Sally Lewis.

Angela Lines, Berin Molley, her brother Malcolm, to name just a few. I would love to hear from any of you, to catch up and remember the old school days.

“Just drop me an e-mail and let’s catch up. If there is anyone else I have forgot to mention and would like to e-mail me please do.”

Wendy Faulkner-Singh from the Fiji Islands writes:

“I was born in Banbury in 1940 and in 1954 emigrated with my parents and younger sister to New Zealand.

“My current home is Nadi, Fiji where I have lived for 37 years having married a Fiji national.

“My visits to England have been limited to one and that was in 1981 when I did catch up with paternal family members in Brackley and a maternal cousin in Easington, Banbury.

“These contacts unfortunately have diminished but with the advent of the internet and your wonderful site, I may be able to relink with someone on my family tree!

“My maiden name is Faulkner and I lived in Newlands Road at a place called Kirby’s Buildings which no longer exists.

“A point of interest is that I actually was a “paper girl” and delivered papers after school from Dean’s Newspaper Shop in, if my memory serves me right, Broad Street.

“I like to think that it was the Banbury Guardian that I was delivering but am not sure. It was an evening paper and the route took me about two hours, for which I was paid ten shillings a week for six days rain, hail or snow!

“Thanks for your site which I thoroughly enjoy and shall continue tapping into.Good luck and thank you.”

Pat, of Cocoa, Florida, said:

“I lived in Miller Road , and remember Maureen and Shelia Needham. Even Granny Needham . We all used to play and hang out together as kids in the street. My mum still lives in Miller Road. You can contact me if you would like to.”

Kirsty Reading of Banbury said:

“If anyone remembers Theresa Needham and her daughters Maureen and Sheila, I would like to hear any stories of what they got up to when they were younger. For those that do remember them I am Maureen’s grandaughter.”

Wes Mason of Amercia shared this message with us.

“I had the privilege of living in Banbury from 1977-1980 on Springfield Road when stationed at RAF Upper Heyford.

“It was the best assignment of my 10 years in the USAF. I just wanted to thank the citizens of this town for giving me such an enjoyable season of my life. I hope to return and visit one day.”

Jason Liertz writes:

“I was actually born in America but I grew up in Banbury from 1980 to 1990.

“I went to school at St Josephs and Blessed George Napier and left Banbury after my GCSEs.

“I used to live on Lidsey Rd during this time and made a few good friends of which I have lost contact with.

“I have been back to Banbury twice since leaving but I only made contact with one friend. (Sorry Deb, I lost your address on the way home, please send me an email if you read this).

“My email address is So if any of my old friends are out there, drop me an email.

“Thank you Banbury Guardian.”

Message from Ann McLane of Burke, Virginia, USA:

“I’ve made contact with Dorothy Davis (ex-pat from Banbury) who now lives in Jay, Florida, USA and we’ve had several e-mail contact letters & photos.

“But I was a baby of three weeks old when my parents (Ted and Grace Moseley) took over the Easington, on Bloxham Road.

“I have an original color photo taken by Blinkhorn’s but would love to see a photo of it as it stands today.

“I was in there for dinner in 2006 with friends who live at 152 Bath Road. Hello John and Anne Whitwell!”

Message from Dorothy Davis of Jay, Florida, USA.

“I’ve written to you several times, and received numerous replies from old friends and work mates. Thank you so much.

“I would love to see some pictures of Drayton-St.Mary where I was born. I know it has changed a lot but I haven’t been home to see it in many years.

“Also there is a school now, Drayton School I believe. Do you have any pictures of that too?”

Message for Ingrid Garvey looking for Alison Jelfs:

“I saw that my old friend Ingrid was looking for me - we lost touch about 1990. I’m in Georgia, USA.

“I can be reached at Thank you Banbury Guardian for giving us the opportunity to reach lost friends.”

Joy Kinder writes:

“Hello from Woodstock Georgia. My name was Joy Priest and I lived on Sinclair Ave. I am now Joy Kinder and have lived in USA over 30 years My em-ail address is I would love to hear from from anyone who remembers me.”

A message from Fiona Baxley in Virginia, USA:

“I would like to get in touch with anyone that knew me I am currently living in Virginia USA the weather is awesome 92 degrees today.

“I am Fiona Baxley nee Elsley and anyone that was my friend can contact me at

“Have a great day I hear you are having an Indian Summer over there too -miss fish and chips!”

A message from Christine Haddad, nee Bruce, who is Banbury born and bred:

“I’ve been living in California 26 years now but love coming home every year.

“If anyone wants to chat with me or to any of the eight Bruces, let me know at

“I’d love to hear from some lost friends thanks to the Banbury Guardian.”

Mandy Fischer, nee Boss, writes from the USA:

“I used to live in Beatrice Drive many years ago and work at Horsefair Surgery as a receptionist.

“I now reside in Virginia. I would love to hear from any old friends who remember me.

“My e-mail address is”

This is a message for Patrick Woodman, who mentioned Keith Nicholls:

“I am Keith’s daughter. Dad has been trying to get in touch with you but your e-mail account doesn’t exist, if you could contact me on I can put him in contact with you.”

Katherine Bollmeyer (nee Humphris) writes:

“I lived in Banbury for 21 years before getting married and moving to Houston, Texas.

“I went to Dashwood Road School then to Stanbridge Hall. I still come home once a year and, yes, I still consider Banbury my home and still have alot of friends there

“I Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.”

Wayne Motherway e-mailed us to say:

“I lived in Prescott Avenue, Banbury, prior to 1974, when our family emigrated to Ireland. I still live in Ireland but come back to Banbury occassionally, as one always has that tie to a special place.

“I went to school at St Joseph’s and Blessed George Napier. I used to fish the canal and the River Cherwell, loved to watch the barges on the canal and would like to hear from anyone that may remember me. My, how the years fly!”

Neville Atkinson got in touch with Banburytoday from Catherine, Jamaica.

He said: “I am so very happy to be reading your paper again after some 25 years.

“I attended the North Oxfordshire Technical college in 1981-1982.

“I also played cricket for the Banbury CC during that time as the fast bowler, partnering with one Allan White. The captain at the time was Martin Phillips of the Swann Foundry fame.

“I have lost contact with all of my friends over the years as after I came back to Jamaica many things went wrong. I would like to meet some of my “old” friends, eg Joe Derry and Martin.”

Tony Bickmore writes:

“I lived in Brackley prior to 1972 when I migrated to Australia.

“I returned for 18 months in 1977 on a working holiday with the family, buying a house and living on Bankside, Banbury.

“From 1968 to 1972, and also 1977-78, I worked at Cramic Engineering as a turner.

“I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me from Cramic, especially any of my old fishing mates.

“My email adress is”


Tony Bickmore

Ingrid Garvey e-mailed us to say:

“My name is Ingrid Garvey and I have a brother called Lindsay.

“We returned to Australia in 1970. We both went to the Banbury school (Broughton Hall).

“Looking for lost school friends. We both still live in Sydney. Looking for Alison Jelfs who moved to the USA.”

Christine Schuster contacted us from Germany with this message:

“What a wonderful idea, possibly finding old Banburians and school friends again.

“I was born and bred in Banbury and attended Dashwood School,Easington Modern Girls School and Banbury Tech in the Prenursing course, tutor Mrs Finney.

“My e-mail is I now live and nurse in Munich Germany.”

Angela Allen of Banbury sent this message:

“Hi all Ex-Pats. For pictures of ‘Banburyshire’ area that will remind you of the ‘old home town’ and its villages, is a web site that has been running for three to four years.

“It also has information on Family History from the area (with current contact details) and lots of memories from those that remeber the area past.”

“PS: Hi Terry and Pat Allen, now living in the Algarve and Jill B in USA”

Do you know Margaret Huntingdon?

“My name is Mary Ananins (Varney-Sweeney), formerly of Wales, Kent and Banbury now living in the United States and I am wanting to locate an old friend by the name of Margaret Huntington.

“I believe she married and her last name would have changed to Gunn. She has a brother named David Huntington.

“I used to be a nanny at Broughton and Margaret and I would catch a bus on the weekends and go to the Horse & Jockey Pub and listen to music and have an altogether great time. We lost touch when I married and she moved away to Portland.

“I would love to hear from her or anyone that remembers me.

“My son, David Varney and daughter Joanne Varney Talbot have had some luck locating their mates and family and I thought I would try it.

My love to everyone in Banbury!

Pat Glover contacted us to say:

“Hello I am an ex-pat from Banbury. I now live in Florida.

“I used to live in Miller Road my mum still lives there. I have three brothers and four sisters still living in and around the Banbury area. “I have lived in the US now for over 31 years, but still consider Banbury my home.

“I get to come home about every two to three years to visit family and friends and would love to hear from anyone that may know or remember me.

“I went to the Neithrop infants and junior school and then on to the Easington Girls School, which then became The Banbury School in my 4th year, it became Co -Ed.

“Would love to hear from anyone that would like to write and catch up.

“I was Patricia (Pat) Mawle, then Horne and now Glover. I live in Cocoa, Florida, Have been here over eight years since my husband retired fom the USAF.

“I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me or my family.”

Carol Hope of Wellington, New Zealand, is looking for your help to trace some old friends. She wrote.

“I am looking for any information on the whereabouts of Alexandra Anne Wright (nee Thomson) born Glasgow 1939 and Fiona Angela Gibson, born Banbury 1968. Last heard of in Banbury circa 1969. Please e-mail”

Dot Davis (nee Price) has got in touch for a second time to say:

“Hi, I have received several letters from old friends I knew in Banbury.

“This website is great! My name is Dot Davis (nee Price), my email address is

“Please print this, and I am so grateful to the Banbury Guardian for letting the “old Banburians” have chance to renew old friendships.

Dave Varney posted this message on July 3

“I was born in Banbury in 1972 and lived on Edmunds Rd until 1984 when we moved and stayed in New Mexico, USA.

“I went to Neithrop School and would love to see old photo’s of the school and surrounding neighborhoods. The open air pool was a daily hang out during the summers.

“Sending my hello’s and love to my family who still live there. My Dad -Dave Varney, my Nan and Grampy Mick, Jimmy and Trish O’Donnell and Michael O’Donnell.

“I really miss my home, which to me is and has always been Banbury. Thanks

Pat Allen wrote on July 2, 2007 to tell us:

“Well, I really am an ex-pat Pat.

“Born and bred in Banbury, I was Pat Thomas until I married a fellow Banburian, Terry Allen.

“We stayed in the area until 2001 when we took the decision to ‘retire’ early, bought a villa with some apartments and now live in a peaceful location in the Algarve.

“We do holiday lets during the summer months and it is great when people from Banbury come and stay - they usually bring me a copy of the Guardian with them which keeps me up to date. We can be contacted on”

Jean Hitchcox contacted us on July 2 with this message:

“Hi, I am originally from Banbury and lived in Cromwell Rd. My name was Jean Hitchcox and I would love to hear from any old friends.

“I still visit every year as my mother still lives in Banbury. I now live in Florida but still miss Banbury. My email address is”

Dot Davis (nee Price) contacted us on June 17 to say:

“Hi. I am from Banbury originally. My name was Dorothy Price then.

I’ve lived in Florida for 40 years now but I still love Banbury and regard it as “home”.

If anyone remembers me and would like to get in touch, please do.

Regards Dot Davis (nee Price)

Ann McLane (nee Moseley) sent this message on June 17, 2007:

“I was born in Leamington Spa, but my parents (Ted and Grace Moseley) moved to The Easington Hotel in 1933 and kept that until five years later when we moved to The Red Lion Hotel , George Street. (It was demolished in 1980).

“I married in 1954 and moved to the U.S.A. in 1956; now live in Burke,VA, just 10 miles from Washington, D.C., and have been ‘home’ several times.

“Unfortunately, being an only child, all of my family members and relatives have passed away, but ‘home’ to me for the past many years was at 154 Bath Road where my last living relative, Mrs. Phyllis Weller, lived for over 50 years.

“’Phil’ moved to Chacombe Park in 2004, residing very happily until she passed away in September 2006. I have always loved Banbury and have many happy memories, but have lost touch with many friends and acquaintances from my early years.

“If anyone remembers those good old days - like being first at the pool on May 1st every year, and freezing after the first dip, and having toast and Bovril at the café at the pool; and of course many other memorable events, like cricket matches at Grimsbury and Banbury Fair in October every year; here’s my e-mail”

Gary Dolton contacted us on June 15, 2007 to say:

“Well, I miss Banbury, I’m now living in the US and it’s not the same here as it is back home, so hi to anyone that knows me, hi mum and dad and my two sisters and anyone else. If you know me, email me, OK.”

Patrick Woodman writes on June 11, 2007:

“I was born in Banbury and spent many years there, a few mates I have lost contact with from school and work days - namely Kevin French whom I was school with, Terry Parker whom I worked with and good old Keith Nicholls who worked on the market store with Dan Atkins, so many fond memories, if you fancy a yarn over old times, I am at I am now retired and have time on my hands.Regards Patrick

Louise Hull (nee Sheehan) writes on June 10, 2007:

“Banbury born and bred, I have lived in Tucson, Arizona, for the past 14 years. I teach pre-school and freelance as a graphic artist.

“The temperature in Tucson today (10/06/07) is 97/36. I left Banbury School in 1974 and did my 3 year apprentiship with Andrea and Achille of Rome in Church Lane. (kept me in work for a lot of years)

“I left Banbury in 1979 and I manage to come home, every couple of years.

“I Think about Banbury every day and thanks to this website I can stay in touch. Would really like to see a picture of Banbury open air pool as I grew up right across the road from there. Thanks.

If you remember me and would like to get in touch contact

Carol Hope writes from Wellington, New Zealand

“Looking for any information on the whereabouts of Alexandra Anne Wright (nee Thomson) born Glasgow 1939 and Fiona Angela Gibson, born Banbury 1968. Last heard of in Banbury circa 1969. Please email”

Dorothy Davis (nee Price) contacted us from her Florida home.

She said: “Hi, I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. My name was Dorothy Price and I was born in Banbury and went to Grammar School from 1947 until 1952. I now live in Florida, I am widowed and live alone.

“I read the Guardian every week to stay in touch with home. If anyone does remember me, please email me at I would love to get in touch.”

Former Banburian Jill Bureau, nee Gooden, writes from the USA:

“Hello, My name was Jill Godden before I was married and I lived in Banbury all my life before that. I have been happily married and living in New Hampshire, USA, for nearly 40 years.

“I still have very fond memories of Banbury, and check the Banbury Guardian every week, it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with home.

“If anybody is old enough to remember me, I would like to say hello and if you want to get in touch my e-mail address is woolpack65@ (that is where my Canadian husband and I met - the Woolpack) I would be happy to hear from you.

“I still keep in touch with quite a few Banburian friends still. My parents sadly are both deceased.”

Steve Brooks has this message for old friend Alan Craft:

“This is Steve Brooks from Banbury in Oxfordshire.

“I sure you remember me, you used to work and drink with me when you lived in the UK.

“I’m still up and running and, compared to how I was doing the last time we met, I’m holding it all together quite well.

“The last time I heard from you, you were in Florida, USA. It would really make my day if you were to get in touch with me. My e-mail address is My phone number is (01295) 258579.

“My address has changed since my old man passed away and I’m now slowly working my way through the redec of my own place. Your brush skills are sorely missed as well as your satirical comments on mine.

“I look forward to hearing from you to hear what you’ve been up to. I bet, knowing you, it’s a good deal more exciting than what I have.”