Banbury Town Council’s big plans will need no extra tax funding

Cllr. Kieron Mallon at Banbury town hall. NNL-141021-145339009
Cllr. Kieron Mallon at Banbury town hall. NNL-141021-145339009

For the ninth year running Banbury Town Council will not be increasing its share of the council tax bill, it was announced this week.

The town’s charge is staying at £122.12 a year for Band D properties, a figure set in 2010.

Leader of the council Kieron Mallon said: “We have demonstrated year upon year that we spend money wisely and as a result we are not burdening our residents with bigger tax bills.

“Services are not being reduced, we have never reduced the quality of our services. In fact, we are continuing to improve the things we provide.”

He said: “2019 will see People’s Park celebrate its 100th anniversary and we are planning big improvements there.

“We have set £235,000 aside to create a café and provide toilet facilities to improve visitor experience at the park and we are spending another £50,000 on making the footpaths better.

“We are also spending £125,000 on play area refurbishments at a number of sites including Howard Road and we are making improvements at St Louis Meadow.”

He added: “The council has agreed to purchase extra land in Hardwick to extend the existing cemetery. The new land will provide burial space for townspeople for the next 70 years and the purchase should be completed within the next few weeks.”

The council have also scrapped burial costs for under 16s, halved the rental price for T20 cricket pitch hire and will re-organise its grounds maintenance contract.

Cllr Mallon added: “It means we don’t waste taxpayers’ cash.”