Banbury town centre is '˜like a tip', says trader

Banbury's town centre streets are messy and the council should take a leaf out of other areas' books, says a High Street trader.

Malcolm Douglas of Henry's Menswear points out mess in Banbury High Street
Malcolm Douglas of Henry's Menswear points out mess in Banbury High Street

Malcolm Douglas, owner of Henry’s Menswear. says if the council can’t organise reliable street cleaning in one of the richest counties in Britain it should make way for one that can.

“I have contacted the council about the lack of street cleaning and get all kinds of excuses – someone’s off work, the machine is broken – it’s a bureaucratic nightmare,” he said.

“There used to be a bowser to wash away the vomit and urine from visitors to the pub and club nearby and a machine to clear the pavements of gum but neither of these seems to be being used any longer.

Malcolm Douglas complains that the streets are not washed of vomit and urine

“I’ve just been to Cornwall, one of the poorest counties in Britain but its roads are smooth and its pavements clean. Banbury is like a tip.

“Either our councils can do the same or they should make way for someone who can.”

A Cherwell spokesman said: “Staff are cleaning the town centre, including the area outside Henry’s Menswear, on a daily basis using a combination of a large mechanical sweeper, manual sweeping and hand blowers.

“This arrangement is in place while the council waits for repairs to the small mechanical sweeper, which normally clears High Street, to be completed.

Malcolm Douglas says Banbury should follow the example of clean Cornish towns

“A street cleansing supervisor is visiting the area every day to ensure that the high standard of work continues in Banbury town centre.

“Mr Douglas is mistaken in his assertion that the area outside his shop has not been cleaned.”

Mr Douglas said the necessary part for the faulty sweeper was expected this week.

“Cherwell’s small mechanical sweeper has a wander hose which will be back in use once the sweeper has been repaired,” he said.

“The council carries out gum removal periodically using external contractors but is currently investigating bringing this service in-house.”