Banbury teenager goes to town to seek referendum views

Jake Whittingham, who has filmed a vox pop on public opinion in the EU referendum
Jake Whittingham, who has filmed a vox pop on public opinion in the EU referendum

A Banbury teenager, disillusioned with media coverage of the EU referendum, has made his own film giving people’s views on the historic vote.

Jake Whittingham, 17, of Forgeway, Banbury felt ordinary people’s opinions were not being represented and so the young film-maker went to Warwick to film the voice of the people - and came away encouraged by people’s friendly opposition in the debate.

“I thought people wouldn’t want to comment and it may be a waste of time but I was wrong,” he said.

“The sun was out and almost everyone we asked wanted to share their views. My favourite part in the film is where a couple holding hands walk past, one says in and the other says out. It surprised me that despite the fear being projected in mainstream media, there are people who can have opposing opinions and still choose to hold hands. I left Warwick and my perspective had changed, from a dark and worrying view, to a positive outlook.”

Jake, who was home educated, has a keen interest in politics. He is working towards higher education and is keen to go into politics.

But apart from his interest in current affairs, the teenager has a passion for video editing.

In January he co-produced and appeared in an official guitar product video for the super band Megadeth’s front man Dave Mustaine. Mustaine recently tweeted the video thanking the team and saying that he loved the footage.

“There are so many communication failures between agencies and many decisions made seem to be based on biased, arbitrary interpretations of regulatory procedures with little to no accountability between government and local authorities,” said Jake.

Jake had been given conflicting opinions on his higher education direction from several agencies and wrote to David Cameron to ask what was going wrong.

“I received a lengthy response from Edward Timpson, Minister of State for Children and Families at the Education Department and he agreed on many of the points I raised,” said Jake.

”Armed with this new information, I was able to find a suitable pathway towards higher education. This has has given me even more energy to want to change the system for the better.”