Banbury’s Princess Diana Park to replace tunnels

The work of vandals at Banbury's Princess Diana Park
The work of vandals at Banbury's Princess Diana Park

After continued acts of vandalism, two play tunnels in Banbury’s Princess Diana Park will be removed for safety reasons.

The plastic tunnels have been targeted by arson attacks and vandals and now pose a health and safety threat.

It was agreed at the Banbury Town Council general services committee meeting at the town hall on Tuesday that removal of the tunnels on safety grounds was prudent.

Committee chairman Cllr Colin Clarke said: “We’ve had continued problems with these play tunnels in particular and they are a safety hazard. It’s not the tunnel itself but all the earth that surrounds it. Because of the damage to the tunnels there is a danger that some of the earth could fall in onto a youngster.”

The council, however, vowed not to let this action mark a victory for the culprits who have destroyed them

Labour councillor Barry Richards, said: “I don’t want the people responsible for the damage to feel they have won, that we are taking something away so therefore they have achieved something.

“Yes we are taking these out but it should be clear that in its place there will be this, as this park is important to the people to enjoy.”

A replacement has yet to be decided.