Banbury’s Horsefair undergoing face-lift

Horsefair, Banbury
Horsefair, Banbury

Yesterday Cherwell District Council began the first phase of work at Horsefair to replace the 12 large trees between Banbury Cross and St Mary’s Church.

Later this year, the second phase of work will then take place to level the paving slabs which have been lifted by the existing tree roots.

Cllr Debbie Pickford, lead member for clean and green, said: “Horsefair forms a key route through the town and leads visitors to the historic Banbury Cross so we want this road looking its best.

“The trees which are currently there are in decline and also causing a trip hazard so we want to bring some green back to the area and improve the pathways for everyone.”

Currently there are four ash trees which are of a species which have found to have structural weakness and eight lime trees which are in decline and causing hazards due to their roots lifting the pavement.

All of the trees will be dug up and replaced with semi mature trees to give an instant green effect and the impression that they have been there for many years.

Below ground, new planting chambers will be installed with a root protection system that will prevent the pavement lifting in the future.

Once complete, the second phase of work will be undertaken later this year to replace and level the current paving slabs which have been lifted by the roots.

Work to replace the trees will begin this week and take up to four weeks to complete. During this time the Horsefair car park will remain open and accessible, though some bays may be cordoned off to allow the work to take place.