Banbury’s coffee shop wants to change the customer experience

Stacy Parsons owner of the Rustic Bean
Stacy Parsons owner of the Rustic Bean

Banbury’s newest and only dedicated coffee shop is looking to change the drinking habits of coffee-holics with a morning promotion.

The Rustic Bean on Parson’s Street opened at the end of May and offers gourmet coffee brewed to exacting, scientifically formulated standards.

Owner Stacy Parsons said: “I want it to be a coffee shop, my USP is coffee.”

The Rustic Bean uses Square Mile beans for its brews and wants residents to try their unique coffee experience.

Stacy said: “We’re running half price coffee from 8am until 9am. I want people to know there are alternatives to the big name coffee outlets.”

For more information on the Rustic Bean visit click here.