Banbury Police take action on '˜staff car parking'

Police taking action over motorists' parking on verges at Banbury's newest shopping site say they sympathise with the drivers.

Monday, 16th April 2018, 3:50 pm
Updated Monday, 16th April 2018, 3:56 pm
Banbury Gateway Retail Park parking. PCSO Lauren Bushby and PCSO Adam Whiting on patrol near the muddy verge where cars hve been parking. NNL-181004-161828009

The neighbourhood team, headed by PC John Shatford, says there are few places for the workers to park legally near Banbury Gateway.

And those that they can use pose dangers from heavy lorries coming and going from the depots. PC Shatford said he and his officers started by placing information notices on the windscreens of badly parked cars.

“We must have put out about 30 information notices basically to let people know they can’t park there,” he said.

“The notices said ‘The site management is working with the police to monitor this situation’.

“Random visits are planned by road safety operatives and the policing team.

“It’s largely done the trick. The message has got through but we have had to issue two official notices which attract a £30 fine.

“With all the rain we’ve had the verges have become really churned up and it looks awful.”

PC Shatford said staff were unable to park in official Gateway spaces as they are time limited.

“We are pretty sure all the cars parked on the muddy verge are staff. They’re going to work every day and they need somewhere to park.

“The time limit on the Gateway shopping car park disbars these staff members.

“A few have started to park on the road near DHL because it doesn’t have yellow lines on but now we’re getting complaints from DHL as they’re concerned the cars might get swiped by lorries on their way 

“We’re aware that it’s moving the problem somewhere else and it isn’t easy as there are only about two roads on that estate without yellow lines.”

PC Shatford said it would not be possible to put a surface over the verges to create proper parking as the vehicles would have to reverse out into the main roadway which would pose a danger.