Banbury mum thankful after Alan Titchmarsh home makeover on ITV

L-R: Lee, Donna, Leonie and Claudia join Alan Titchmarsh at the reveal. Photo: ITV/Spungold Productions
L-R: Lee, Donna, Leonie and Claudia join Alan Titchmarsh at the reveal. Photo: ITV/Spungold Productions

A Banbury mother was very thankful after the nation saw her home being transformed by Alan Titchmarsh in his new show.

Alan and his team of builders gave Donna Plaice’s home in Hanwell Fields a full makeover in Love Your Home And Garden on ITV on August 30.

The married mum-of-two said the improvements, which were done over six weeks in the spring, have made a big difference to her, as she is partially-sighted after a near-fatal heart attack.

“It’s incredible, we tried to think what we could do to it but couldn’t imagine how they would get all the light in there but there were amazing,” she said.

“They have made it exactly how we like as well.”

Donna said Alan was a very nice man, ‘exactly how he is off screen to how he is on screen’.

She added she has had a lot of well wishes from people noticing her in the street, as well as family and friends who saw the Plaices on television.

As well as overcoming the heart attack and getting to grips with losing her sight, Donna has also beaten breast cancer.

Donna’s daughters Claudia, 12, and Leonie, nine, are recognised as her carers and also benefit from a new summer house in the garden.

The family was put forward for the show by the Carers Trust and Donna was very thankful to them.

The charity’s interim chief executive, Giles Meyer, said: “We very much hope that the transformation of the Plaice’s home means Claudia and Leonie will carry a lesser caring load around the house and lighten their concern for their mum whilst they are at school.”

Donna feels like Alan’s intervention has given the family a real boost after some tough times.

“We’d had so many years of what felt like really awful luck, even though it is difficult to call myself lucky,” she said.

“As when I had a cardiac arrest at home, a paramedic was nearby and it wouldn’t have been survivable otherwise.

“I got through that and realised my sight was going and I had terrible problems with my arm.

“But just as we were getting over it and were feeling really positive and looking forward, cancer came and it felt like, when’s it going to end?

“So for something so lovely to come out of it all is incredible. It’s made a real difference for the girls especially.”

You can still watch the episode at

Banbury family home transformed in Alan Titchmarsh’s new ITV show