Banbury mum elects to have baby at Warwick rather than Oxford

Siobhan Smart NNL-160908-144744001
Siobhan Smart NNL-160908-144744001

An expectant mum has written to the head of midwifery at the Horton maternity unit rejecting Oxford as a location for birth as she contemplates a high-risk delivery within days of specialists being removed from Banbury.

Siobhan Smart is due to have her baby on October 8, a week after Oxford University Hospitals Trust plans to remove consultants because of a recruitment crisis.

She believes travelling to Warwick hospital in labour will be a safer option.

“I have huge concerns about where I will give birth and how safe I and my child will be,” Mrs Smart wrote.

“I had pregnancy-induced hypertension in my first pregnancy. I am concerned that the stress of this on my mind is going to cause hypertension once again.

“I have many reasons why I do not want to, or intend to deliver my child at the John Radcliffe Hospital,” Mrs Smart said.

“Transport time, car parking and stress on the JR are a few. For these reasons I am considering what other options are available to me.

“I can see that Warwick Hospital would be a quicker and easier journey in labour.

“It would be possible to park and be treated quickly so a much more sensible option. It is appalling that I should have to consider this but I feel I have no choice.

“There is no way I would consider going to the JR which will also not be able to manage to demand, so this will put pressure on other hospitals,” she said.