Banbury man has first book published

Banbury author Peter G. Spackman signs his new book
Banbury author Peter G. Spackman signs his new book

A local author has taken an unusual passion and turned it into a newly released book

Peter G. Spackman of Banbury had his first book published by Greenlight Publishing on April 22.

The unusual subject matter lists the names of fields and his book, The A-Z of 1001 Field-Names And Their Interpretation, was born out of a love of archaeology.

After retiring Mr Spackman took up archaeology spending years working on a local dig, Mr Spackman said; “I was on a dig in Fenny Compton for 12 years and wanted to find out the field names. It was a community dig for about two days a week. The field we were working in was called England Field which actually translates as ‘Field of the Angle’ the Anglo in Anglo-Saxon and indicated that there had been a settlement or an association with these migrant peoples of the 5th Century, known as the migration period.”

The book took Mr Spackman two years from its original conception to finally being published and is unique in so much that it is the only book of its type to feature full etymological references.

Mr Spackman said; “ My only competition is the English Place Name Society, so while writing it I kept quiet.”

So far the book has been well received, Mr Spackman said; “The reception has been very good and it is selling well. I did a signing on May 3 which was good.”

Future plans for a book signing include an appearance at the Warmington Archaeological and Heritage open day at the National Herb Centre in the village on Sunday July 24.

Mr Spackman doesn’t plan to sit on his laurels and already has another project in the pipeline, he said; “I plan to follow up with a children’s book but I can’t say what on just yet.”

We wish him the best of luck.