Banbury fitness enthusiast shows his savvy side

Robin Young of Banbury has set up a one stop for all fitness website NNL-180328-163232001
Robin Young of Banbury has set up a one stop for all fitness website NNL-180328-163232001

A Banbury fitness buff tired of endlessly browsing the internet for that must-have fitness accessory at the right price has launched his own fitness comparison website.

Robin Young spotted the gap in the market in January last year, and has now launched Fitness Savvy, the fitness price comparison website.

Robin said: “When looking to make a fitness-related purchase, be that a protein shake, or a set of dumbbells for a home gym, I found I would hop between multiple sites in order to make an informed decision.

He added: “The main idea of Fitness Savvy was to streamline this process by building a centralised platform with all the relevant info in just one place.

“We believe we’ve succeeded with this and are confident that Fitness Savvy will soon become a household name.”

The site caters for all levels of fitness-related purchases from a pair of gloves for your casual gym goer to high end commercial gym equipment.

It also features the latest discount voucher codes and compares prices from a huge range of fitness specialist sites and more common high street retailers such as including Boots, Holland & Barrett, House of Fraser and Argos.

Not content with a simple price comparison site, Robin taught himself the intricacies of web design to include multiple levels of product filter with mini guides to help users understand what the filters do.

Robin said: “My most recent work was doing finance and accounting. I taught myself pretty much how to do the web side of things.”

The site also contains articles explaining the science behind the products features or ingredients, the majority of which have been researched and written by Robin.

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