Banbury firm comes up with the UK’s ideal cake

Banbury cake decoration company Cake Angels has found the country's favourite cake. NNL-171024-141802001

A cake decoration firm based in Banbury has found the nation’s favourite cake flavours.

And now Cake Angels, on Thorpe Way, has commissioned an illustration of the country’s ideal cake, made up of a variety of flavours, shapes and fillings.

Lemon is the most sought after flavour, chosen by 26.4 per cent of participants in the study.

Milk chocolate comes a close second with one fifth choosing that particular taste.

Half of those surveyed said their cake should be moist with plenty of sauce or ganache while only 17 per cent said they liked a crumbly texture and none of the participants liked the fruitcake’s compact consistency.

Fifty-four per cent preferred three layers while 64 per cent opted for buttercream filling.

Round cakes are also a favourite and when it comes to colour, one quarter of participants like the traditional white, closely followed by pink (14 per cent). Another 44 per cent like chocolate shavings, 23 per cent professional piping and 33 per cent sprinkles.

A new contender in the baking industry, mirror glaze also proved to be a popular trend, with 22 per cent of Brits wanting to see this professional finish applied to their dream cake.

Talented artist Sophie Green has drawn a picture of the ideal cake, in the style of the much-loved Great British Bake Off drawings.

Emma Tomkins, marketing manager at Cake Angels, said: “Baking, and decorating even more so, gives us so much opportunity to experiment and combine everything we love into one delicious mouthful!

“There are so many products out there now to give us that helping hand in the kitchen, whether a professional baker or an amateur just enjoying the experience. We may eat with our eyes but baking, decorating and eating cake is an important experience – so flavour is very important too!”

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