Banbury councillor urges potholes to be fixed on busy town road

Banbury Labour councillor Mark Cherry NNL-140521-105116001
Banbury Labour councillor Mark Cherry NNL-140521-105116001

A Labour councillor in Banbury has expressed his alarm at the number of potholes outside Harriers Banbury Academy.

Mark Cherry is an Oxfordshire county councillor representing the Calthorpe ward and has asked the Highways Department to resurface Harriers View which is ‘riddled with potholes’.

Mr Cherry said, “I’ve had a promise from the county council to inspect the road but they expect to have severe budget restrictions in the next financial year.

“The cost of repairing all Oxfordshire roads is estimated to be £168 million, at about £65 per pothole, and that money is just not available.

“I think Harriers View, which has heavy school traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian, should be a priority for the county council. Continually filling in potholes is a false economy.”

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