Banbury community radio manager digs deep for charity game

Stewart Green, Puritans Radio manager NNL-170604-171545001
Stewart Green, Puritans Radio manager NNL-170604-171545001

Puritans radio manager and co-founder, Stewart Green, is digging deep into his own pocket for an upcoming Memorial Charity football match.

The game will kick-off on Saturday, April 23 at 5.30pm in honour of the late Paul Varney, Walter Preedy and Charlie Connor known to most as the ‘Raffle Man’ who were each huge supporters of Banbury United Football Club.

The Puritans Radio Football Team will be opposed by a team from Rock The Atic in Butchers Row and donations will be collected for the Banbury based charity, ‘Let’s Play Project’ which specialises in the provision of play and leisure opportunities for disabled young people aged five to 25 years old.

As an additional revenue stream for the fundraiser Mr Green, who started the non-profit community radio station in August 2015, is pledging £1 of his own money for every like the Puritans Facebook page receives from now until April 22.

Mr Green said: “It’s officially the last game of the season, the last home game. We play Rock the Atic but this year we’re raising money for the Let’s Play Project with donations on the gate.

He added: “The difference is, as an incentive, I’m trying to get everyone to like the Puritans Radio Facebook page and it’s a pound a like.”

The station and the club are reliant on a steady stream of dependable volunteers for the everyday running and the match is seen as a fitting tribute to those who gave so much and asked for nothing in return.

Mr Green said: “The charity match is for three former really good supporters and helpers down here. It’s their game really.”

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