Banbury boy beats serious asthma to climb Snowdon

Cameron Nimmo on Snowdon NNL-151210-144638001
Cameron Nimmo on Snowdon NNL-151210-144638001

A Banbury boy’s uphill struggle to live with severe asthma reached a peak on Saturday when he climbed Snowdon.

Plucky Cameron Nimmo, 12, has spent two years learning how to live with the condition which stopped him running and playing football.

But at the weekend he joined his dad David on an Aston Martin team-building climb of the highest mountain in Wales.

Mum Amanda said: “I really didn’t think he would get to the top and the plan would be that he’d come down from the halfway point on the train if he wasn’t going to make it.

“But he climbed all the way with the men. He was fantastic and we’re so proud of him.”

Cameron’s asthma emerged dramatically two years ago when a cough turned into a full scale emergency admission to the Horton General Hospital from his home in Sycamore Drive.

The last two years have involved intricate management of his symptoms and some sympathetic help by his sports teachers at Banbury Academy to build up his fitness.

“His PE teachers have been great helping him. Anything can trigger an attack – an allergen in the air or anything,” said Mrs Nimmo.

When he realised his ability to climb the mountain successfully, Cameron decided on a plan to tackle the mountain again next year – this time to raise money for charity.